The scent of rome
My Love to Roma and Rome
A unique place full of powerful emotions
I was in the last subway car. Her eyes were glassy, as if she had been drugged. He looked into her eyes. Her love filled the whole car and was in the air. They were in love, happiness, but I saw this light sadness between them and the tears in their eyes. It was my midnight in Rome.
If you are in Rome, you'll need to fall in love with somebody or something. It doesn't matter what it will be: cherry streets, emotional people, Tyrrhenian sea, original gelato or women's perfume. Anyway, you have to do it.
I have two photographs in same place with same story, but the difference between them is two years. The entrance to the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs is a beautiful place, where Romani people are sitting under contemporary art symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. Each time all these details construct a strong spectacle for me.
We've learned sweetness of doing nothing Dolce Far Niente. Something that is foreign to post-soviet country people, because we don't know how to rest and stop the flow of thoughts about work. Going to Italy actually helped me to understand and appreciate it.
My heart remembers fountains where children played
Gardens where dreams were made

Memories like embers glow
When I seem to hear, "Arrivederci, dear."

Walks beneath the pines that grace the golden sky
Stopping now and then to share a lover's sigh, you and I
Let winter come

All my Decembers I'll spend just dreaming of the way we fell in love
One lovely Autumn in Rome

Tony Bennett, Autumn in Rome
So now we are on the road, ready to new adventures. Also you can see another candid photos from different places in the world.

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