Katusha, Katusha, Катюша (2017)

The Installation Katusha, Katusha, Катюша is about relationships between Post soviet country's women and local men from popular resorts – Egypt and Turkey. Many of Post soviet country's women behave in a provocative manner which created a strong stereotype about all women from these countries. That is why most of local men from popular resorts identify all these women only as a sexual object. The Installation Katusha, Katusha, Катюша is interactive. When you look inside of this, you'll can see their inner worlds, which are invisible for each other. Also you can see the same warm hearts, which are symbolizing fundamental human needs for love and family.

2017/06 - Workshop, A MezonArt - Şantier Industrial by Stefania Biagioni [IT], KSA:K Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau - Moldova
2017/06 - Group Exhibition, A MezonArt - Şantier Industrial, Chisinau - Moldova

Roman Ursan, Zhanna Morgun, Alexandra Buga, Stefania Biagioni

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