Bender is my hometown in which I spent all my childhood. Gisca - a neighboring village, which is located on the border of Moldova and Transnistria. In my childhood, I always dreamed of climbing that, but not because of the borderline position of the village, but because of the elevation there, called the Suvorov mountain.
There are Cyril and Denis - classmates. They live in Gisca, study in Bender. I asked them about why they prefer to play the whole day football instead of everybody's internet addiction. They shrug their shoulders and reply: "It's much more interesting for us to walk on the streets, explore new territories, observe for quails and pheasants, to follow foxes and wild boars, to chase lizards ... "
I close my eyes. I remember how in my childhood I pointed to this green hill with the noble name "Suvorovskaya Gora", which was seen in the distance. I pulled my mother by the sleeve and beged her to climb as high as possible. Now I'm far from being a child, if at that time my mother could say that no one is walking there, now I can check everything myself.
Cyril caught the lizard to examine it closely.

Boys have a special feelings to lizards. They react with the speed of the predator on any movement in the grass, and after a few seconds they already have held the reptile in hand, offering me to stroke it.
My ascent consisted of two days filled with the sun and the smell of meadow grasses. On the first day I found two local guys playing football. There were Cyril and Denis, who became my guides to the "mountain" the next day.
Cyril and Denis are watching the wild animals.

- Look! Did you see, just ran the fox?
- No, it was a pheasant.
- Where did you see a red-haired pheasant and with ears?
- But I'm sure I saw a pheasant, it was black and ... like a pheasant.
- Hence, we just saw a fox who was hunting a pheasant.
In the grass Cyril found a beetle-bug.

- We have a lot of them, especially in the fields. We often see how they are rolling dung into small balls, which then hide their larvae. Now he is running into his narrow hole in the ground. They say that these holes can reach almost a meter in depth.
"I want to drink a whole water pool. You see there is a big ravine in the distance, its walls are covered with concrete. It used to be filled with water, and you could swim there. But it was a very long time, probably 10-15 years ago, " Cyril says and decides to rest, lounging on the fresh grass.
Denis remembered that his aunt's birthday is today and now he is in search of wild flowers that will please a woman on this warm May day.
Denis and Cyril escaped from the mountain at high speed.

- One winter we decided to climb a mountain. It was hard and long to climb, but quickly came down. Cyril flew off the mountain, slipping on the frozen clay. And I tried to move out on the board, but at the end it flew away from me.

After an unsuccessful search for an animal that has arranged a hole for itself, Cyril and Denis decided to arrange a competition. Denis was the winner, but Cyril did not despair and decided that the next time he would jump over it.

The view from the Suvorov mountain to the Bender and the neighboring village Gisca.
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